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How to Fax : Home

Fax/Copier Location

The Fax/Copier is located in the John Brown Watson Memorial Library on the 1st Floor in the Technical Services Area. 

Fax from the Flatbed Scanner

1. Place the document face down on the scanner glass.

2. Dial 9 then the fax number if sending document locally, if sending document out of town Dial 91 then the fax number 

3. Touch the Start Fax button.

4. The printer prompts you to confirm that you are sending from the scanner glass. Touch the Yes button.

5. The printer prompts you to load the first page. Touch the OK button.

6. The printer scans the first page and then prompts you to load another page. If the document has multiple pages, touch the Yes button. Continue this process until you have scanned all the pages.

7. When you have scanned the last page, touch the No button at the prompt. The printer sends the fax.

Fax from Feeder

1. Insert  document inside feeder face up 

2. Adjust the paper guides until they are snug against the paper

3. Dial 9 then the number if sending document locally; If sending document out of town Dial 91 then the number 

4. Hit Fax Button 

Technical Services Librarian MLS

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